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Quadruple eucalyptus & dried orange vase set

Quadruple eucalyptus & dried orange vase set

Now available with our clear eco vase- Meet our newest preserved quadruple eucalyptus and dried orange bouquet and clear eco vase set.

Our preserved and dried bouquet is made up of 4 types of eucalyptus, broom, limonium, poppy seeds and dried oranges.

The eco vase is 17cm by 17cm and comes with the bouquet.

Overall height of the bouquet is approximately 40cm. A great set for a centre of a table or island.

£42.99 for the set.

Bouquet can be bought alone for £29.99 and is approximately 30cm tall.

*Please be aware these are made with preserved stems. Preserved stems retain their natural liquid so when the bouquet experiences heat changes this can mean liquid leaks from the stem. This doesn’t change the life length or look of the bouquet.*