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Mini pampas bouquet for tall bud vases

Mini pampas bouquet for tall bud vases

We have two new mini bouquets. These fit our larger bud vases (not the ceramic ribbed ones). 

Bouquet to the left is filled with a fluffy pampas, stoebe, phalaris, bunny tails oats and setaria. 

Bouquet to the right has a fluffy pampas, ruscus, oats, a mauve thin fluffy pampas stem and gypsophilia. 

Both are around 25-30cm tall and are £13.45 each.

They will fit the following vases;

-bohemian terracotta vase
-gold dimpled
-pink bubble recycled glass
-assorted bud vases (4 designs)
-clear glass taller bud ribbed and diamond design

Listing is for ONE of these bouquets. Please pick the bouquet you want from the options below.